Regularly outsource your scan preparation to save your time. 3D preparation is a necessary, but time consuming step. Instead, focus on your true money-maker, appliance fabrication, and let us worry about the less profitable work.   


Set up temporary coverage for 3D scan preparation. DoubleTime Digital is a great choice to help out in a bind, or to help fill in the gaps when your normal schedule is disrupted.

The base price of scan preparation is dependent on the turnaround time. Scans are able to be returned in 1, 2, or 3 business days. Need it faster? We also have a 2-hour rush service for especially speedy scans.You have the ability to choose whether or not to add extra services.


We offer digital bracket carving, digital band ditching, digital resets, and study model add-on. While these services can help save your technicians significant time during fabrication, ultimately, you have the final say on whether these steps are included at the digital preparation stage.   


Download and convert raw intraoral scans into printable STL files. All scans are engraved with patient names for easy identification. Scans are digitally stored in our servers for one year.

Prices based on turnaround time. 


Gone are the days of manually cutting space for bands! Digital ditching preserves the true anatomy of the tooth much more precisely than traditional burr ditching, creating and easy and clean working surface on the printed digital model. 


Digitally remove brackets from any intraoral scan. The original anatomy of the tooth is maintained after the bracket is removed, ensuring an accurate model for appliance fabrication. 


Digitally correct anterior relapse or select individual teeth to position in ideal alignment. This additional opinion is a great choice for streamlining spring aligner production, or for finishing cases for clear retainers.

Whether you've lost a technician and need immediate help, are growing too fast to keep up, or are simply headed out of town for bit and want to avoid a mess when you return, our services can keep your lab running smoothly. 

Double Time Digital, LLC 

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