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DoubleTime Digital, LLC is a new company with long-standing experience. While the need for intraoral scan preparation is not new, the concept of outsourcing that preparation arose from obvious discrepancies within the orthodontic community. As so many laboratory owners know, there is no profit in 3D scan prep or in 3D printing, yet so many of them spend their time doing just that. Don’t get us wrong – the rise of the intraoral scanner is a great addition to orthodontists, their patients, and their labs, and its one that makes the job easier for everyone. However, an unintended side-effect of the technology is that technicians spend less time actually fabricating appliances than they do in preparatory steps.


Herein lies the mission of DoubleTime Digital: take care of the prep work to get technicians back to the bench and back to the profits, while letting the lab work at double the pace. 



We’re happy to have solutions for a few lab problems. Whether you need ongoing, daily, or temporary help, we have the right solution for you, at the right cost. Our pricing structure allows you to choose the most cost-effective options for your individual lab and technician needs. Need a scan ready for fabrication in a week? You’ll find a more budget-friendly price than if you need it to print tomorrow. Venture over to our Services page to find out more.

DoubleTime Digital is meant to function as an extension of your lab, and ultimately, you have the control over how your intraoral scans are prepared. Our technicians will prepare your scans according to your preferences and specifications - every time. 



All your scans are prepared in the newest version of 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer, part of the 3Shape orthodontic suite. This premier software is a standard in the lab industry, and allows for a variety of fine tuned measurements, model modification, and export of high quality STL files.

We stand by our experience as well, and guarantee your satisfaction with your scans, or your money back. Please find more information about our policies in our welcome packet.

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