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Bracket Carving Fee

Let's assume you send in 30 scans a day to DoubleTime, and 25 of them need brackets removed. You need all these scans back within two business days.

Let's also assume your lab's bracket carving fee is $5.00 per model. 

30 scans ($1.79 turnaround) = $53.70

25 scans ($2.65 bracket carving) = $66.25

Total DoubleTime fees = $119.95

25 scans ($5.00 your fee for bracket carving) = $125.00 

You save:

$5.05 every day


Hiring New Technician

You need to hire a new digital technician. Let's assume they have minimal experience, and are hired at $13 per hour, the average cost of a lab tech (Indeed, 2018). Let's also assume they're a pretty fast learner, and can soon prepare 8 basic digital scans an hour. 

If you receive 50 incoming scans every day, this technician can complete all the scans in 6 hours. Their total labor cost is $78.

Now, let's assume you send them to DoubleTime, and need them back within 2 business days. Your total cost is:

50 ($1.79 turnaround) = $89.50

You only spend:


But keep in mind the true cost of your new tech (Edwards, 2017)



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